Competition Rules

Rules of the Competition

Entry Fee
This competition is free to enter. You must be part of the Australasian travel industry to participate..

Points for a correctly tipped win: 2
A maximum of 2 draws may be tipped each round.
Points for a correctly tipped draw: 3
Points for an untipped draw: 1
Bonus awarded for all games correct: 2

The competition is scored by score then by "countback".
Countback - If tippers are on an equal score, the tipper
with more higher scoring rounds (excluding bonus points) will be ranked higher.

Default Tips
For tippers who fail to enter their tips, a default of the lowest score of the round -1 will be applied.
For tippers who join the competition late, a default of the lowest score of the round -1 will be applied for the rounds they have missed.
Tippers who receive a default score are ineligible for the weekly prize.

Weekly Prize
The weekly prize is Weekly prize.
The weekly prize is awarded to the highest scorer whose predicted tie breaker is most accurate.
A prize is awarded every week.

In the event of a tie, the tipper whose predicted margin is closest to the margin taking into acccount the tippers pick, is the weekly prize winner.

If the weekly prize is not won outright in the final round, it will be shared among the tippers who have the highest score in the final round.

Seasonal Prize
There is no seasonal prize.