TD 2019 NRL

Competition Summary

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Competition Summary

Results after scoring Grand Final

No winners this round.

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Top 10 Tippers
1st Symonds, Phil 283
2nd Bordignon, David 275
3rd Fulton, Catherine 275
4th Brown, Dannielle 273
5th Gair, Anthony 271
6th Michaels, James 271
7th Lin, Bing 270
8th Brown, Matt 269
9th Simpson, Benjamin 269
10th Nelson, Jennifer 269

Bottom 10 Tippers
758th Wheeler, Gregory 14
758th Whitaker, Chris 14
758th Whitby, Suzy 14
758th Whiting, Tim 14
758th Wilkinson, Luke 14
758th Wilson, Trevor 14
758th Wing, Stephanie 14
758th Yoon, Dennis 14
758th Zappia, Frank 14

Results for Games in Round 29
Sydney Roosters 14 defeated Canberra Raiders 8